100% cotton material.  You can pick the color and the shirt and wording.  

Customize your order with your childs name  

Print and Unified Contracted Braille and Print are used for the inspirational words. Childs name is Braille only. Contracted Unified Braille can be used, especially if the name is long. For babies and toddlers uncontracted Braille has been used.

Exampe: Christy 7 letters and 1 extra cell for the capital letter sign is 8 total Braille cellsContracted Braille: (ch) (r) (i) (st) (y) each parenthency is 1 Braille cell The name Christy could be 5 cells, without the capital letter sign at the beginning. If you have questions contact me and I will check the contracted Braille spacing for your name.

Personalize your Toddler T-shirt Braille Name

    • wash cold water
    • turn inside out for washing an ironing