You can customize your Braille pendant with a name, saying or inspirational word.  There are 7 Braille cells available with a small place for the 'capital letter' sign.  (not utilizing an entire braille cell space)   The capital letter sign is optional

Contracted Unified Braille is used unless otherwize specified.  There is a bead embellishment.  You may choose the color scheme, no two embellishment are exactly the same.  (please indicate 1st and 2nd choice of colors in coment section.  And any other coments or requests.

The necklace can be worn at aproximatly 18-22 inches with the chain extension and lobster claw clasp. The cord is a black silk. The pendant is light weight aluminum and will not tarnish or change color.

Each Braille letter is done by hand. 

Exampe:   Christy   7 letters and 1 extra cell for the capital letter sign.

Contracted Braille:   (ch) (r) (i) (st) (y)  each parenthency is 1 Braille cell 

The name Christy would  use 5 Braille cells for the name + one for the capital letter sign.

If you have questions contact me and I will check the contracted Braille spacing for your name.


Personalize Your Braille Necklace